Berry Smoothie Bowl - (Pack of 8 Superfoods)

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  • Berry Smoothie Bowls are the ideal and most delicious -- and they make the perfect nutritionally-dense breakfast!
  • The 8 Superfoods in this pack provide the perfect base -- just add your favorite berry!
  • If you’ve never had a Berry Smoothie Bowl, you’re in for a sweet, fruity treat.
  • Just follow the easy recipe below -- When you add berries and a variety of toppings, you get a delicious, berry-packed, cooling smoothie bowl. Super easy!
  • For protein, add a scoop of your favorite protein powder ...More info
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When you order the Berry Smoothie Bowl, we will ship to you 8 products so you can make and enjoy your own Berry Smoothie Bowl -- see the easy and delicious recipe below.  That's a whopping 7+ pounds of awesomely fresh, healthy, organic products!

You get BIG Savings!

And at this low price of just $73.99, you gain a 20% discount!

- That's almost like getting Organic Coconut Milk Powder (1 lb), Organic Black Chia Seeds (1 lb) and delicious Red Raspberries (3 oz) at no cost!

The NEW! Smoothie Bowl Base includes these 8 Superfoods (7+ lbs. total):

  1. Banana Flakes - Organic (1 lb)
  2. Coconut Milk Powder - Organic (1 lb)
  3. Black Chia Seeds - Organic (1 lb)
  4. Shredded Coconut - Organic (1 lb)
  5. Sun Dried Goji Berries - Organic (1 lb)
  6. Cacao Nibs - Organic (1 lb)
  7. Hemp Seeds - Organic (1 lb)
  8. Red Raspberries - Whole Freeze Dried (3 oz)

Traditionally, the Acai Berry is a favorite in this Berry Smoothie Bowl but you can replace acai with your favorite berry (see the list of suggestions below).

Berries offer so much in terms of phytonutrients, they are a very important food.  But, eating berries can be very costly! Our fresh, raw powders offer you the perfect solution!

Our powders make eating fresh, nutritious berries very economical -- especially because we source the best berries at their height of ripened perfection. So choose any berry and replace the acai in the smoothie bowl and get your game-on with high-octane fuel.

Based on what you most enjoy, here are the fruit options that you can add to your Berry Smoothie Bowl (We did not include a fruit into your Smoothie pack because this is the part that is highly customizable based on individual tastes):

  • Maqui
  • Acai
  • Raspberry
  • Strawberry
  • Blueberry
  • Black currant
  • Purple Aronia

This Berry Smoothie Bowl is made with highly nutritious and organic ingredients from Z Natural Foods. All 8 ingredients (water is one of the ingredients which we do not sell) are conveniently purchased together in the ZNF store so you can easily enjoy this awesome bowl ASAP.

Recipe, Ingredients and Directions for the Berry Smoothie  Bowl

5 Ingredients for the Berry Cream Base:

  • 6 tbs Organic Acai or any berry or combination of berries
  • 4 tbs Organic Banana Flakes
  • 16 tbs  Organic Coconut Milk
  • 4 tbs Organic Black Chia*
  • 2 cups Filtered water                

Directions for the Berry Cream Base:

  • Place all 5 of the Berry Cream Base ingredients in the blender at medium-to-high speed for 2 minutes.
  • Pour into a bowl, sprinkle on the toppings (see below) and enjoy!
  • If consumed immediately it has a banana-like flavor and if left overnight this changes because of the acai and chia.
  • If left overnight, the flavors develop deep notes and create a mousse texture. Chef Denise suggests sweetening it with your favorite sweetener, as desired. You get the beautiful complexity of the berry with coconut nectar syrup drizzled on top enhancing it’s flavor.

5 Ingredients for the Toppings:

  • 2 tbs Organic shredded coconut
  • 2 tbs Organic goji berries                      
  • 2 tbs Organic cacao nibs                      
  • 2 tbs Organic hulled hemp seeds         
  • Raspberry whole-freeze dried - If you like, these raspberries will reconstitute themselves and be perfect little berries when left overnight in the cream mousse.

Yields two small servings or one large monster serving of nutritious yumminess!

**Chia must be roasted at 450 degrees for 5 minutes and then ground fine.

California Residents: Click to view California Proposition 65 WARNING.

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